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I shall place on record a description of the episodes I myself have witnessed, as well as those that have been reported to me by trustworthy and recognised informants, specifying in every case their names and standing…. I pray that the Almighty may sustain and guide me lest I err and falter in the task I have set myself to accomplish.

He relates a series of incidents, punctiliously quoting his authority for almost every item of information. His work in consequence, if less artistic and philosophic, gains in value as a literal account of what he knew or could from credible witnesses discover about the early history of the Cause.

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The door of contemporary information as to its two great leaders and their heroic disciples is closed for ever. Indeed, The Dawn-Breakers is widely acknowledged as a crucial source of information on the life of the Bab — we were sure to include it in this list of books about the Bab.

The author was thirteen years old when the Bab declared Himself, having been born in the village of Zarand in Persia on the eighteenth day of Safar, A. He was throughout his life closely associated with the leaders of the Cause.

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Though he was but a boy at the time, he was preparing to leave for Shaykh Tabarsi and join the party of Mulla Husayn when the news of the treacherous massacre of the Babis frustrated his design. He supplemented the narrative with an introduction, epilogue, appendices, and other contextualizing materials.

She lives with her husband, Sergey, in central Pennsylvania, where she is completing a PhD in rhetoric and composition. Before we left for Minehead we decided to record some tracks at a private two track studio in North Leeds owned by a guy named Luke Harding. And there we were, The Dawnbreakers, professional rock group without a very important member, and the four remaining members were stranded in a sleepy town miles away from modern-day civilisation! What hurt more was that we had not yet finished one full day of our lifetime careers.

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Filey was, by far, the most important and biggest Butlins camp of the day. It was enormous and had the biggest single-floor theatre in the UK that seated over 3, people. On entering the Rock Ballroom for the first time, it blew them away:. The reaction to this was simply incredible. Before the last verse was started the security officers would surround the stage in preparation to escort us to our dressing room, before they began to clear the ballroom so we could escape to our van through a fire exit. At the time their agent had contacted Decca Records and sent them an acetate pressing of our tracks recorded before they left for the summer season.

We kept it up for an hour with sweat rolling off our bodies until the last note when the audience screamed approval. He left as suddenly as he appeared and vanished into the crowd — we packed our gear away, got paid and drove back to Leeds. In early they got the news that Decca Records wished to sign them and The Dawnbreakers were now recording artists on a major label. By then Mick had rejoined, Dave had left the band to be replaced by Barry a very good keyboard player also from Leeds. Decca Records took publicity shots of the group and asked us to get someone to form a fan club.

However, the sound was reminiscent of many tracks at the time and unfortunately the record got lost nationwide. The band added a saxophonist to boost the overall sound. After that gig we had to travel through the night back up past Aberdeen to Inverness Town Hall. The fact that we were playing with these guys and watching every move they made resulted in some of it being washed off to our own influences which were soaked up gratefully.

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They also encountered, Duncan McKinnon a booking agent for the Scottish Borders, all the bands knew him as Drunken Duncan — he had a still in his garden. He would book bands for 2 week hires and put them into as many venues as he possibly could — the more venues, the more money he made. After this tour, their bass player left to get married and their keyboard player and guitarist returned to their wives.

They found good replacements for guitar and bass, and also added Art Linden on tenor sax and flute. The Dawnbreakers went back to Butlins in summer for the final time and in the winter the band went over to Frankfurt for three months where they played six hours a day, seven days a week. The band auditioned a new organist from Newcastle who travelled down to Filey.

His equipment was superb, a Hammond C3 and twin Leslie speakers — perfect. They ran through several songs that afternoon and offered him the job — he accepted there and then, with one proviso:. Needless to say, Mathew did not join the Dawnbreakers! These incredibly touching and powerful stories, taken from Zoe Meyer's book of the same name, have been masterfully narrated by Hand of the Cause of God William Sears.

This classic Baha'i recording has been carefully restored and remastered and serves as an incredible resource for delving into the history of our Beloved Faith which will inspire listeners of all ages. Available as a 4 CD set or as an MP3 download.

The Dawn Breakers: Nabil's Narrative

Disc 1 Introduction Dr. Banani and Mr. Add to Cart:. Instant Download of Audio Book. Introduction - Dr Banani and Mr Sears. Shaykh Ahmad's Secret.

The Dawn Breakers: Nabil's Narrative

The Young Man in the Green Turban. The Shepherd's Dream. Mulla Husayn and the Bab. The Letters of the Living. The Story of the Bab.