The Curse of Nemur: In Search of the Art, Myth and Ritual of the Ishir

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These groups are now on the verge of disappearing due to the poverty resulting from the transformation of their habitat, degradation of natural resources, and the pressure out of the expansion of economic activity. Young people move to the cities of Paraguay and Brazil , abandoning their beliefs and often denying their origin to avoid being victims of discrimination. Traditionally, the Chamacoco were hunter-gatherers. Currently, they farm and raise animals, such as sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses, and poultry. They work as ranch hands, day laborers, and domestic servants.

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They create crafts for sale such as baskets, wood carvings, and other creations. Yshyr dissident groups, known as "yacareceros" are engaged in alligator poaching, a prohibited activity, to survive.

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They hunt for a month, sleeping in their boats and exposed to all dangers: brazilian rangers , most of them ex-convicts, use to shoot to kill before asking ". Each of them had different unique characters, covered with feathers, hair, or strange colors. The ahnapsoro lived then with yshyr, and taught them to hunt, use tools, and initiated them in their ritual ceremonies.

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After a while the coexistence of men and gods became difficult, reaching a crisis with the death of some young people in the harsh initiation ceremonies. In a short time all the anapsor had been exterminated.

When Nemur felt the human drawing up on him, they were already in the place called Karcha Balut he scooped up a snail from the soil or pulled it from his body's thick plumage depending on the versions and with an extravagant gesture produced a raging river that sprouted out of its shell. The man and the anapser, separated by the river known today as the Paraguay river , "exchange words" for the last time. If they fail, sickness, hunger, and enemies will decimate then until the last Kytymaraha name of the clan of Syr is extinguished ".

There is another mythical institution that promotes the balanced use of natural resources: the figure of the Master of the Animals. Every animal has its master its balut , spokesperson , who simultaneously facilitates hunting and severely sanctions its excess.

The Curse Of Nemur: In Search Of The Art, Myth, And The Ritual Of The Ishir

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Esperanza Retrieved 10 Dec Feb — Retrieved 11 Dec Chamacoco: breve profilo antropologico e linguistico.

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