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The average text message is opened within three minutes of it being sent, making text giving one of the fastest fundraising methods out there for annual giving. Not all of your supporters are tech-savvy, and not everyone is subscribed to your email and text message lists. However, you can still steer supporters toward your giving forms using direct mail methods. Our team of digital marketing experts work hands-on with you on each component of your campaign to ensure it has all the elements of success.

Learn More. Build a successful annual fund campaign Every year, your nonprofit organization faces unique fundraising challenges. Annual Giving Basics. Annual giving objectives. Cover Operational Costs The core function of annual giving is to cover operational costs for your nonprofit.

The Stodgy Annual Fund Has Grown Up

These include payroll expenses, the mortgage on your headquarters, utilities, and other financial obligations. With the money from your annual fund, your organization is empowered to focus on fundraising for other projects with more targeted goals.

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Supplement Other Campaigns In addition to enabling your nonprofit to keep its lights on, your annual fund can also be used to supplement other fundraising efforts. If you fall short of your fundraising goals in other campaigns, your team can tap into your annual fund as a way to bridge the gap.

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Secure Long-Term Support Outside of the initial gifts that your nonprofit receives from annual giving, the process of fundraising for your annual fund should also be seen as a vehicle for securing long-term donors for your nonprofit. As you acquire annual fund donors, put in the necessary steps to ensure that you can call on these contributors for their support in the future. Make better annual fund appeals to your donors.

Recurring Donors One of the most important types of donors for long-term fundraising success is the recurring donor. Upgraded Donors Finally, your annual fund campaign can be an excellent vehicle for upgrading donors when they give to your organization. Discover how to build better donor relationships for your annual fund. Appeal to annual giving prospects. Personalize Your Appeal You never want your constituents to feel like your annual fund campaign appeal could be addressed to anyone.

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  • Show Your Thanks The quickest way to derail your annual fund appeal is to extend your ask before thanking donors for their last gift. Reference their giving history and emphasize how much your organization could benefit from a similar gift. Tell a Great Story Another way to make your annual appeal stand out is to use storytelling strategies to make it more compelling for your audience.

    Follow Up Be sure to follow up with individuals after you extend your annual giving appeals. Plan your annual fund campaign with our sample and templates. Annual fund gift levels. Major Gifts Acquiring major gifts is one of the central challenges of any campaign, but it can be even more difficult for annual fund campaigns, in which you need to convince major donors to contribute large, unrestricted sums to your organization. Discover annual fund strategies for your campaign. Setting an annual fund goal. Develop a Preliminary Goal As your nonprofit lays the groundwork for your next annual fund campaign, an important step in the process is developing a preliminary fundraising goal.

    Get closer to your annual giving goal. Consider implementing these annual giving goal-reaching tactics as your campaign goes on. Year-End Appeals The year-end giving season is the perfect time to make one last fundraising push for your annual fund campaign.

    Over a quarter of all giving takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your nonprofit finds itself falling short of your annual giving goal, leverage this year-end fundraising boom to reach the finish line. Corporate Giving Many nonprofits overlook the impact that corporate giving can have on their campaigns. Every year, millions of dollars of corporate philanthropy is left unaccessed by nonprofits like yours. Your team should have a strategy in place for soliciting corporate gifts for your annual fund, including stewarding matching gifts from prospects.

    Online annual fund giving forms. Email By placing a donate button in your email communications with supporters, your team can link out to your desktop and mobile optimized giving forms. Text-to-Donate Did you know that you can share your online giving form with supporters via text?

    Annual Campaigns

    Direct Mail Not all of your supporters are tech-savvy, and not everyone is subscribed to your email and text message lists. Reach more donors with MobileCause's text-to-donate solutions. Additional Annual Giving Resources.

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    Fundraising Event Ideas. Learn more about alumni fundraising. Capital Campaigns. Capital campaigns and annual giving have much in common, with some key differences. Check out our in-depth capital campaign guide to learn more!

    Unwrapping the Annual Campaign

    Discover capital campaign fundraising strategies. Fundraising Consulting Firms. Make them the focus of your annual campaign! Your annual giving campaign will require a significant investment on the part of the organization.

    Although making any investment requires some risk, the point of making one is to see even greater returns. If you want to see better results for your organization both now and in the future, an annual giving campaign is an investment well worth making. Annual campaigns have many objectives that, when achieved, will help nonprofits establish the best footing for current and future fundraising success. If they have room to spare, these funds can also help nonprofits meet the goals of their other campaigns. Because they place an emphasis on stewardship and donor retention, annual giving campaigns should provide nonprofits with a solid base of recurring givers.

    To take this a step further, nonprofits should also track these habits to make the most out of their relationships with recurring donors. It can also give them insights into the possible greater giving patterns of donors in general, so they can plan their stewardship accordingly. In order to plan a successful annual giving campaign, nonprofits have to figure out how much they need to raise from each donor.

    That being the case, annual campaigns require nonprofits to take a nice, long look at their existing donor base to see where they could be raising more. This analysis provides the organization with an excellent opportunity to pinpoint prospective major gift donors. The smartest organizations, however, will use more of their donor data to help them get to know each constituent and approach each individually based on their preferences.

    The annual campaign is that reason. They deserve a genuine and personal relationship with your organization. When running a more specific campaign with a shorter time frame, it can be all-too-easy for organizations to skip stewardship and head straight for the end goal.

    While this is understandable and often necessary, luckily annual campaigns provide organizations with an excellent stewardship tool.

    This helps you get to know your donors and establish more meaningful relationships with them beyond just asking for donations. Because they know your organization personally, these donors are likely to give more and be more involved, both now and in the future. Carefully crafting your budget is especially important for annual campaigns, though. Make sure that you allocate your budget from the beginning, so you have enough to cover your campaign. A SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats analysis is a way for organizations to evaluate both their internal and external fundraising circumstances.

    When analyzed together, these components will help organizations understand all influential factors, so they can better strategize for their annual campaigns. Not only does accurate donor data let you get in touch with donors, it also helps you target your outreach to make it more compelling and relevant. Email supporters and ask them to confirm their contact information. Click here to find out! The arithmetic of fundraising is a mathematical formula that tells nonprofits exactly how much they have to raise from their donors during the annual giving campaign. Not only does it let organizations know the quantity of gifts they must procure, but it also tells them what quality or giving level these gifts must be at.

    As a rolling effort, your annual giving campaign will require lots of planning to run smoothly. The planning process will be much more digestible when broken down into steps. Your annual giving campaign will have a less definite goal than your other campaigns, so it might be a little trickier to quantify. Think of it this way: although you will have a fundraising goal, your campaign is also primarily about connecting with your donors, which is much harder to measure.

    At the most surface level, your goal will be to raise enough money to cover your operational expenses, so this is a good place to start. Determine the very minimum amount of money your organization must raise to run comfortably. Your annual giving campaign is perhaps the largest effort your organization will execute.