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She was even disappointed that the Now in her twenties, the thought or sight of braces still makes her tingle. When she discovers her boyfriend, Jacob, is also drawn to braces she decides to risk it and try living the braced fantasy. Orthodontist Dr. Samantha Wrighting is willing to indulge her for a year — but there are some conditions. Sally gets braced — but can reality live up to her fantasy? Or does having braces turn out to be better than anything in her wildest imagination?

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Braces, elastics, retainers, headgear and more: Sally faces it all. Is it too much for her?

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Is it too much for Jacob? Or is living the braced fantasy really the greatest climax of them all? Cecilia is a junior in college. On the other hand … she has braces.

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Roger is torn, attracted to everything A novel of love, lust, and braces, Bracing Times with Cecilia is the third volume in the Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series and the eighth Dr. Samantha Wrighting book. It includes some sexual situations and stimulation, and is for mature readers.

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Bracing Times with Cecilia is brought to you by Intraoral Press www. An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter: Avia is in her early twenties, and for a year now she has had braces and everything that goes with them: no boyfriend, no romance, no sex. Now, on the last day of her Is it the prelude to something more, or just more of the same?

Can he really be interested in her, notwithstanding the braces? Even when the braces come off, there are still retainers to deal with.

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Retainer Girl is about the whole experience of having braces, as Lauren also looks back on what she went through and how she dealt with it. She remembers the hardships and the embarrassing moments, as well as the grwoing satisfaction of knowing her smile was being transformed by all that wire an metal.

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And she finds that leaving the braces and the regular appointments at the orthdontist behind isn't as easy as she had imagined. She'll even miss them in a way.

The retainers are another stepping stone bringing her closer to being an adult, making the transition both easier and harder. Having braces and then retainers is a hardship a lot of the time, but it also helps her along. Read an excerpt! Buy at Lulu.