Juvenile Justice

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The data indicate a significant increase and then a reduction in child victims over the past few years. In , crimes were committed against minors, while in - 7, crimes.

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UNICEF supports further development of alternative justice, probation and social rehabilitation of minors in conflict with the law, crime victims and witnesses. There is an active cooperation with the law enforcement and judicial authorities in terms of specialization and staff training. Standards are being developed for investigations involving children considering the need to ensure the best interests of children and their friendly treatment.

Child-friendly police, trial and probation offices have been established on a pilot basis. Additional measures are needed to strengthen legislation in the field of justice for children and ensure full compliance with the rights of the child, develop alternative services, and strengthen the capacity of juvenile justice professionals through familiarizing the national system with international norms and standards.

Brief analytical report "Justice for Children in Kazakhstan: knowledge, attitude and practice" in Russian.

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Together with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international experts, conducted a study to document the development of a specialized inter-district juvenile court SIJC , to determine to what extent the existing practice complies with international standards, and to develop recommendations for further strengthening SIJC.

Development of specialized inter-district juvenile courts in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Development of specialized inter-district courts on issues of minors in Kazakhstan. Adolescence takes a whole decade in human life. Children who have been imprisoned are the most likely to become criminals as adults. Many are recruited into gangs while in prison, increasing crime and exacerbating social insecurity—something countries like Mexico can ill-afford. Excessive juvenile detention doesn't make us safer.

Each Child Has A Story Teenages kept 20 hours a day in their cell, just a few hours a week for school and recreation, the rest of the day in a cement room.

Oscar's Story. He was so ashamed he couldn't even look at me. Oscar's story is typical of how many children get lost in the system. Poor and in Prison. Father and Son. A father visits his son in detention.

If his wife hadn't died, his son might not be in prison. The Family. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, all came to visiting day to see their two children. State of Haryana, [18] Supreme Court again reiterated that for the purpose of determination whether accused is juvenile or not , the date of birth which is recorded in the school records shall be taken into consideration by Juvenile Justice Board. In case of Krishna Bhagwan v. But later in case of Arnit Das v.

The Board shall consists of Principal Magistrate and two social workers, among whom one should be a women. The decision taken by the Principal Magistrate shall be final. Researches and Studies shows that they are various causes of juvenile delinquency in India. Every person has different behavioral patterns so as in case with children also.

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The behavior patterns develop in early childhood and at early stage it is very difficult to identify any kind of behavior. Following are the some of the causes of Juvenile Delinquency Constitution provides rights and duties of citizens. It also provides provision for the working of the government machineries. Like: —. Juvenile Justice is a legal framework which defines justice for juvenile under the Indian Legal System.

Juvenile Justice

The system is giving a special treatment and protection to juvenile delinquency. Juvenile Delinquency means a crime committed by youth who is under the age of 18 years.

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At present, everyone knows that there is an increasing rate of juvenile crimes and this increasing rate is creating a debatable issue of age determination. Age determination is considered as one of the most important factor to determine the maturity level of the accused. The increasing crime rate is raising a question that whether the juvenile can be tried as an adult or not?

According to the Act, the maximum tenure of punishment which can be given to the juvenile offenders is three years and this punishment is valid for heinous crime also. In case of an adult offender, the maximum punishment which can be given is 7 years or life imprisonment or death penalty.

Main Points of the Juvenile Justice Act

But, the Act, in case of juvenile offenders believe on Reformation of juvenile as much as possible. Thus, the existing law in the name of Age determination or Age Consent , is not creating an deterrent effect on the anti — social behavior of youth. Juvenile offenders are in believe that committing heinous crime is no issue as they will get away very little or no punishment in name of reformation.

Adopting of reformative theory of punishment by law, is giving an undue advantage to juvenile to perpetuate their ability to commit crime without facing any harsh consequences. Reformation is good but not always. If law is talking about reforming the juvenile offenders so that they can have a better life in future then law should also talks about the rights of the victim. Justice must be given to the victim. The theory of reformation is helping juvenile to reform but it is not helping the victim at all.

Now the question arises is that there is no guarantee that juvenile offenders will get reformed and will not show their anti — social behavior again. The act is totaling focusing on the reformation rather than penalization. Penalization will definitely will create a deterrent effect on the juvenile and increasing rate of crime by juvenile will slow down.

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