International Marketing Research, Volume 17: Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century

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Mariotti, S. Spinelli, S. Chaffey, D. FT Prentice Hall, Aulet, B. Disciplined entrepreneurship: 24 steps to a successful startup. The aim of this course is to broaden and expand knowledge of the concepts and techniques required for the design, operation and control of the modern upcoming e-commerce applications and e-government systems that are massively introduced by western governments to fight bureaucracy. The essential computing background to support such systems is presented, along with the individual requirements for a wide variety of modern life activities that can be performed online.

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Laudon K. Turban E. Abramson M. Heeks R. The big data explosion has led to new computing paradigms, the most prevalent among them being cloud computing. Cloud computing is about vast computing resources on demand, that allow for centralized data storage and online access.

Chapter 8. Services Marketing – Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC

Big data is a broad term that includes several concepts and tasks, such as data capture, storage, sharing, management and analysis. This course focuses mostly on the big data storage and management part, rather than the analysis as well as cloud service models, architectures and tools. Students will familiarize with modern big data and cloud technologies, understand the privacy and security concerns and learn about popular big data and cloud computing platforms. Erl, R. Puttini, Z. The course provides students with the ability to analyze the drivers of competitive strategy and apply strategic management principles across a range of organization types.

Additionally, the course presents frameworks for identifying the challenges of various competitive environments and discusses useful analytical approaches applied in widely different strategic problems.

Students understand how to build a strategically responsive e-Business organization by tuning systems, structures and people to strategy, and how to effectively manage the process of strategizing. Campbell, D. Business Strategy: An Introduction, 3rd Edition.

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Palgrave Macmillan, Jelassi, T. Strategies for e-Business: Concepts and Cases, 2nd Edition.

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Johnson, G. Exploring Corporate Strategy, 8th Edition. The course covers Knowledge Discovery in Databases KDD and Data Mining DM as a set of computational tools and technologies, which provide valuable assistance for business analysis and strategic business decision making. This is a hands-on course that provides an understanding of the key methods of data visualization, exploration, classification, prediction, and clustering. Students will learn how to apply various data mining techniques for solving practical problems and how to develop and use simple business analytics systems.

Han and M. Kamber, Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, 3rd ed. Witten, E. Frank, and M. Tan, M. Too often businesses and destinations deploy multiple channels and end up neglecting some of these, rather than ensuring key platforms are well maintained Eliason, The area of perception can be further broken down to screens and filters, biases, selective retention, and closure Morrison, The world is filled with things that stimulate people.

People are exposed to thousands of messages every day. The human brain cannot absorb and remember all of these messages; people will screen out most of the stimuli they are exposed to. They may remember a piece or segment of a message they have seen or heard. As part of a integrated campaign, Destination BC then operating as Tourism BC created a vending machine that offered users the opportunity to experience moments that could be part of their visit to British Columbia.

At 14 feet tall, this vending machine dispensed free items like bikes, surfboards, and discounts on flights to encourage people to travel British Columbia. This experiential innovation was a way to provide a tangible element to intangible services. It was complemented by an online and social media campaign using the hashtag BCMoments and special web landing page at BCMoments. A video of the San Fransisco installation earned hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube; cutting through the clutter both in person and online.

Everyone has perceptual biases; each person sees things from his or her own unique view of the world. The brain does not like incomplete images. There is a state of psychological tension present until the image is complete closure. Where information is unavailable to round out the images, the mind adds the missing data.

Marketers may determine a degree of predictability about customer perceptions. Customers are likely to:. Tourism marketers are in the business of reminding and making customers aware of their needs.

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  8. Customers have to be motivated to act on satisfying their wants and needs, while marketers need to trigger the process by supplying objectives and potential motives. Staff are available to provide travellers with tourist information, assistance, and advice. The Tourism Victoria Visitor Centre provides travellers with a wide range of services, including professional visitor counselling, helpful travel information and literature, and accommodation reservations Tourism Victoria, In , Kollat, Blackwell and Engel released the first edition of a book called Consumer Behavior where they identified a distinct five-step pattern for consumer decision-making These steps are: need recognition, information search, pre-purchase evaluation, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation.

    BC Ferries Vacations offers over 70 unique travel packages to 40 destinations, connecting travellers to unbeatable scenery, accommodations, and activities. BC Ferries Vacations travel experts help travellers create a personalized vacation complete with ferry reservations to bring all-in-one convenience, quality, and value. In order to reach consumers and stimulate need, tourism marketers can employ a number of traditional and online channels.

    These are detailed in the next section. Marketers have more choices than ever when it comes to broadcasting their message to consumers. Potential travellers and guests will respond, in varying degrees, to traditional channels and emerging online communications tools. There are many choices in marketing and communication channels, each with strengths and weaknesses. Mass media is best described as the use of channels that reach very large markets.

    The immediate advantage of using mass media is the ability to reach multiple target markets in significant numbers. Out-of-home OOH channels refer to four major categories: billboards, transit, alternative outdoor, and street furniture. OOH advertising plays an important role in the tourism and hospitality industry as it provides an opportunity to inform travellers in unfamiliar territory. Transit advertising includes airports, rail, and taxi displays. Alternative outdoor refers to arenas, stadiums, and digital media. Street furniture includes bus shelters, kiosks, and shopping malls.

    Print media includes newspapers, magazines, journals, and directories. There is an increased trend away from traditional purchased print advertising toward editorial features, as these are more trusted by consumers. The staff have extensive experience working in the industry, and the organization has relationships with multiple tourism associations and press groups.