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Paget's disease of the nipple is more common in women, but like other forms of breast cancer, it can also affect men. The disease usually develops after age According to the National Cancer Institute, the average age of diagnosis in women is 62, and in men, In this section you can read about:. DuPree is also a member of the Breastcancer. Often, they do not require treatment. In contrast, breast cancer can mean loss of a breast or of life.

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Thus, for many women, breast cancer is their worst fear. However, potential problems can often be detected early when women regularly examine their breasts themselves, are examined regularly by their doctor, and have mammograms as recommended. Early detection of breast cancer can be essential to successful treatment. Symptoms related to the breast are common. They are the reason for more than 15 million visits to the doctor each year.

These symptoms include.

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Breast pain. A discharge from the nipple. Changes in the breast's skin for example, the breast's skin may become pitted, puckered, red, thickened, or dimpled.

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The female breast is composed of milk-producing glands lobules surrounded by fatty tissue and some connective tissue. Milk secreted by the glands flows through ducts to the nipple. Around the nipple is an area of pigmented skin called the areola.

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Breast symptoms do not necessarily mean that a woman has breast cancer or another serious disorder. For example, monthly breast tenderness that is related to hormonal changes before a menstrual period does not indicate a serious disorder. However, women should see their doctor if they observe any change in a breast, particularly any of the following:.

Fibrocystic changes. Very rarely, breast cancer. Pain that occurs throughout both breasts is usually caused by hormonal changes related to menstrual periods. Breast lumps. Because cancerous and noncancerous lumps are hard to distinguish during a physical examination, tests are usually done.

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Nipple discharge. A nipple discharge occurs normally sometimes—for example during milk production after childbirth. Doctors ask the woman about the symptoms she is having and other information related to possible causes, including. A breast examination is done. With the woman sitting or lying down, the doctor inspects the breasts for irregularities in shape, a nipple that turns inward inverted nipple , and lumps.

The doctor also checks for dimpling, thickening, redness, or tightening of the skin over the breast. The nipples are squeezed to check for a discharge. The armpits are checked for enlarged lymph nodes. The doctor may examine the breast and armpits with the woman in different positions. For example, while sitting, she may be asked to press her palms together in front of the forehead. This position makes the chest muscles contract and makes subtle changes in the breast more noticeable.

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The doctor may review the technique for breast self-examination with the woman during the examination. Techniques for the doctor's examination and self-examination are similar. While standing in front of a mirror, look at the breasts. The breasts normally differ slightly in size. Look for changes in the size difference between the breasts and changes in the nipple, such as turning inward an inverted nipple or a discharge.

Breast diseases

Look for puckering or dimpling. Watching closely in the mirror, clasp the hands behind the head and press them against the head.

Repeated occurrence unrelated to lactation requires endocrinological examination. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Breast disease Other names Breast problems Specialty Gynecology Breast diseases make up a number of conditions. Main article: Breast cancer. Main article: Fibrocystic breast changes. Main article: Mastitis.

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